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If there is one thing that is very obvious about India then that will be the fact that it has been ranked second in terms of the most populous nations all over the world with more than 1.2 billion people forming part of its population. With this humungous number, employment opportunities are in fact limited in this nation, thus causing a portion of its workforce to look for better chances of improving their lives abroad. One of the popular choices for migration is the United States.

When starting to work in the US, you cannot help but think of the lives of the ones you have left behind in India. This will then make you seek ways to leverage their lives by sending money back home whenever you want to. At Sharemoney, your money remittance options include making bank transfers to India via Canara Bank.

About Canara Bank

This bank has been doing business with its clients for over 100 years since it was founded in 1906. Known as one of the oldest banks in the country, Canara Bank has continued to offer various products and services along the lines of personal banking, corporate banking, NRI banking and MSME banking. The bank has been nationalized by the government in 1969.

Bank Swift Code: CNRBINBB

Transferring Money to Your Loved Ones in India Via Sharemoney

There are two ways by which you can send money to your loved ones in India if you choose to use
Sharemoney. Firstly, we have partnered with a cash pickup location in India where your recipients can claim their money even without a bank account. Secondly, you can do it through different types of established banks in the country where obviously a bank account will be required in order to claim the transfer.

Facilitating Your Transaction with Sharemoney

At Sharemoney, we will simply require you to register an account with us. Take note that this one is for free. You do not have to pay any amount to be able to access this account now and in the future. You will need this in order to facilitate the transfer you are supposed to make to your loved ones in India. It is very important then that you provide vital information required to process the transfer and make everything else easier for you.

Funding Options – Weighing the Pros and Cons

When you choose to use Sharemoney to send money through our partner banks to your loved ones in India or use the cash pickup delivery method, you are given three options for funding your remittance. First is through your bank account which will need verification but no additional fees aside from the $3.99 standard charge we require for a transfer. This can take time especially if it is your first time to use our services.

The second option which is the credit card funding will be faster than using a bank account but will cost you more in terms of charges. Your credit card issuer will bill you like it would if you use your card for a cash advance. Take out all the hassles of time and money by using the third option which is your debit card.

Experience nothing but a fast and cheap way to send money to your loved ones in India by using Sharemoney’s services. Learn more about the entire process by browsing through our How It Works page!

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