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Sharemoney is dedicated to maintaining stellar services by making sure that transferring money from the United States to Brazil is as smooth and hassle free as it can get. Do you know that we have a couple of banks accepting transfers via Sharemoney to Brazil? Caixa Economica Federal is one of the banks included in our network. Learn how using Sharemoney can facilitate bank transfers to Caixa Economica Federal in Brazil.

About Caixa Economica Federal

Founded in Rio de Janeiro on January 12, 1861, Caixa Economica Federal or CEF is ranked as the second leading bank among government-owned financial institutions in Latin America, placing next to Banco do Brasil. Assets-wise, it is the fourth largest bank in Brazil. It has branches in thousands of Brazilian towns and cities, making it one of the most popular banks in the country today.

Bank swift code: CEFXBRSP

About Sharemoney’s Money Transfer Services to Brazil

Sharemoney allows the instant sending of money from the United States to Brazil. You can enjoy such services using either your debit or credit card or your bank account. The money you have sent using any of the aforementioned options can be delivered to your recipient using bank deposits.

Start Sending Money to Caixa Economica Federal Using Sharmeoney

You have to create a free account with us first if you are new to Sharemoney or log in to your verified account if you already have one. Fill in the information needed after you have pressed the “Send Now” or “Quick Send” options then choose to covert the USD amount to its Brazilian (BRL) equivalent. We offer competitive exchange rates to assure you that your loved ones in Brazil will be able to enjoy the money you have sent.

How to Fund Your Bank Transfer to CEF

You can actually choose from the following options when sending money to your recipients using CEF. Your options include:

  • Bank account. You will be asked to enter all pertinent account information that will help facilitate your transaction. You need verification of your personal and bank account before the money can be sent to your loved ones in Brazil. Usually the process can take about three days when you choose this option.
  • Debit card. In order to get away with the delays that come with using your own bank account to send money to your loved ones in Brazil, we recommend the use of a debit card.
  • Credit card. This is another payment option which will require you to use your credit card funds for an additional fee on top of the fee we are going to charge you.

Using any of the three payment options mentioned above will incur you a fee that starts from as low as $3.99.

How Your Recipient Can Check The Fund Transfer Status

You or your recipient can use the Money Transfer Number or MTN that corresponds with your transaction to track the funds. Advise your loved ones to check through the global Sharemoney website and key in the MTN to track the money’s whereabouts. You can also read our “How It Works” page for Brazil to seek answers to your most frequently asked questions regarding our services.

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