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Sending money online is now one of the options you have if you want to send money fast to your loved ones abroad. You have to take note however that fees can vary from one company to another and if you want a guaranteed fast and cheap transfer to your loved ones in Ecuador, using Sharemoney is a great choice. We have worked our way to establish closer relations with popular banks in Ecuador. One such bank is one of Ecuador’s major banks – Banco Bolivariano.

About Banco Bolivariano

As a financial institution, Banco Bolivariano engages in a wide array of financial transactions in the local banking sector. Among the products and services it offers to its clients and prospects are current accounts, savings accounts, investment assessment, remittances delivery and fixed-term deposits. It has other subsidiaries that operate under its brand as well as numerous branches operating in various provinces in Ecuador.

Bank swift code: BBOLECEG

Sharemoney’s Money Transfer Services to Ecuador

If you want to send money to your loved ones in Ecuador, Sharemoney and our money transfer services can be your friend in need. We endeavor to make the transfer faster than you have ever imagined. In fact, in a matter of minutes, your loved ones will be able to enjoy the money you have sent. We only charge a minimal standard fee of $3.99 which is by far the lowest rate compared to fees charged by other money transfer companies.

Bank Transfer to a Banco Bolivariano Account using Sharemoney

Banco Bolivariano is one of the major banks we have partnered with when making bank transfers to Ecuador. In order to enjoy this feature, you must create an account with us. Do not worry because we will not charge you any amount if you do so. We will use your phone number and email address to verify your account. Once you have been verified, you can begin sending money to your family and friends who have a bank account with Banco Bolivariano. Learn more about how you can send money using to a bank in Ecuador via our FAQ page.

Funding Your Online Money Transfer to Ecuador

Another great thing about using Sharemoney is you can choose to fund the transfer using your bank account or your debit card or your credit card. You can do the same even when you choose to use cash pickup locations listed on our pages. If you choose to use funds in your US bank account, we will verify your bank account first before you can continue with your bank or money transfer. Verification may take a maximum of three days.

For quicker facilitation of your transaction, you can choose to use your credit card or debit card. Those two payment methods do not need to be verified, and your money transfer will be complete within 30 minutes – 24 hours later.

Are you ready to transfer funds to a Banco Bolivariano account with Sharemoney? Let’s get started today!

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