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Guatemala is such a pleasant mix of everything. There are bustling markets, magnificent volcanoes, jungle ringed lakes, amazing night-life, good food and the mysterious Mayan ruins! It is pretty much a travel destination for all ages as everyone can have fun at every turn.

Not a single guidebook can cover everything you need to know about Guatemala. To fully enjoy your trip, here are top 7 things to know about Guatemala:

Guatemalans Love Music

The country has a thriving music scene. Musical hotspots in Guatemala City are where you can find locals that love to party.  They really like to have loud, pounding music everywhere. You can hear it in a bus, the market, and in clubs. So if you do not want to risk having your eardrums exploding or if you prefer to have a peaceful sleep at night, stay away from hotels that are near the bars and clubs.

Don’t Skip The Markets

Guatemala is known for their lively markets. At the Mercado Central, you will find underground passages that will lead you straight to stalls that sell handicrafts, leather goods, intricately designed wooden masks, and comfy woolen blankets. You can head to Antigua or Chichicastenango if you prefer shopping on open-air markets.

Visit as Many Museums As You Can

Guatemala has a very rich history. The Spanish culture and Mayan traditions mixed beautifully to create unique Guatemalan customs. The best way to discover its interesting history is by visiting museums. There are plenty in Guatemala City where you can learn not only about the Mayan history. You can explore the colorful traditional textiles, colonial paintings, archaeology, and traditional Guatemalan arts and crafts.

It is a Chicken Land!

Guatemalans have a soft heart for fried chicken. You will be surprised to see chicken joints everywhere. You have to try their chicken at least once in your travel or you will be missing out a lot!

They Have Crazy Buses

Although they look attractive with the most elaborate paint jobs, a ride on a Guatemalan chicken bus is both an amusing and quite dangerous experience. Not only do they cram as many passengers as possible, the drivers also drive like crazy!

Guatemala City is Huge

Being the biggest city in Central America, it will take you months before you can fully explore the whole of Guatemala City. Take note that there are portions that are off-limits to tourists. It is strongly discouraged to wander towards those places.

It is Important to Be Vigilant

Although it is a tourist destination, Guatemala has an undesirable reputation of being a criminal hotspot. It is advised to stay alert even when you are in a tourist-friendly district. Walking around at night is discouraged even if the destination is just minutes away. Backpacks should be strapped to your front when walking along busy streets. You must also carry important belongings in your front pockets to keep them away from pickpockets.

Despite its reputation, Guatemala is filled with fun-loving and friendly locals. Send money to friends and families in Guatemala using Sharemoney. There are plenty of pick up locations where they can get the money fast and easy.

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