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When it comes to natural beauty and culture, few places measure up to Ecuador. If you are planning a visit to this stunning exhibition of mother nature’s finest work, you should try to familiarize yourself with the area. Even if it’s just a little. Below you will find a number of things about Ecuador that you may or may not have known

The first thing that will be discussed is currency. There can be no doubt that when you visit a foreign country, you need money. And better to have too much and too little.

  1. Money in Ecuador

Traveling here with US currency is one of the easiest experiences ever for both business and pleasure. The reason being that the US dollar is used here. Other types of currency are not accepted in the restaurants and shops of Ecuador. Try to carry smaller bills like 20s, tens, and fives. If you offer someone a $50 bill or larger, they may tell you they can’t take it.

Credit cards are accepted at restaurants, hotels, and larger stores. Be aware that credit card fees (or additional charges) may apply. Recommended tipping is between 15% and 10%.

  1. Can I Drink the Water?

It’s still a good idea to avoid beverages with ice and to stick to bottled water that has been purified. Even if you’re just brushing your teeth. Drink fizzy drinks or juice that is canned or bottled is generally safe.

And while we’re on the topic of water, drink plenty of it and bring lots of sunscreen. You’re on the equator now! There are stronger UV rays here than anywhere else, so protecting your skin and hydrating are of the utmost importance.

  1. Travel Documents and Visa Requirements

You can travel in Ecuador for 90 days or less without a visa if you are from Canada, the United States, and some other countries. There aren’t as many restrictions as there are in other places. If you are from somewhere other than Canada or the US, however, it’s best to check first to make absolutely sure.

If you’re planning on six months or more, you’ll need a passport. And don’t forget your travel insurance.

  1. Do You Speak the Language?

Very limited German and French are spoken in Ecuador; two different types of Spanish are spoken here as well. The Spanish languages consist of that spoken in Spain and Latin American Spanish. At major tourist centers, English is usually spoken.

  1. Ecuadorian Cuisine

If you like hot, spicy food, Ecuador will be on your list of favorite places for epicurean delights. Hot sauce is served with most foods in addition to their already spiciness. They grow fresh produce all year here so fresh vegetables and fruit are always available. It’s best to make sure that all foods are cooked thoroughly and that produce has either been washed extremely well or has the peel removed.

  1. Culture Abounds In Ecuador

Food, music, customs, cultural clothing – all of these differ from the Amazon to the Andes. Ecuador exhibits one of the richest cultures that a traveler can experience. While a kiss on the cheek is customary as a greeting between women, a handshake will suffice. Treat the Ecuadorians with respect and patience, and you will receive it in return.

  1. Shop till You Drop

The avid shopper will have no problem finding little treasures in Ecuador. Here are just a few things you might want to pick up while you’re in Ecuador:

  • Scarves, ponchos, and hammocks
  • Ecuador coffee and chocolate
  • Tagua jewelry and silver jewelry
  • And of course, a Panama hat

If you’re visiting Ecuador and you do find yourself short on funds, don’t worry. Contact a friend or relative back in the states and let them know you’re running a little low on cash. Also let them know that by using, they can be assured of a quick, easy, safe and secure transfer of money from the states to Ecuador.

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