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Before you visit or move to Chile, why not grab hold of a few interesting facts. Here we have gathered tidbits of interesting information that may or may not be common knowledge; depending on who you are. Regardless, they’re good to know if you are planning a trip to Chile in the near future. And if you are looking for a foreign university to attend, there are some excellent opportunities in Chile. Click here to review some of the area’s colleges.

  1. Five UNESCO World Heritage Sites Are Located Here

With 5 UNESCO sites for world heritage located in Chile, you can’t ask for a better chance at a lesson in culture. Through the following sites and this country’s majestic landscape, gain insight into the story of humankind, threaded throughout the land: Sewell Mining Town, Rapa Nui National Park, Humberstone and Santa Laura Saltpeter Works, Seaport City’s Historic Quarter of Valparaiso, and the Churches of Chiloe.

  1. Do You Love Beaches?

If beaches are your passion, you would be hard-pressed to find a bigger one than along the world’s longest coastline. At 6500 km, it is known for some of the finest beach resorts around. In the summer, the nights are comfortably cool, and the days are hot or warm. It’s the perfect Mediterranean climate for beachgoers; and you will find no bigger beach anywhere.

  1. Largest Active Volcanoes On Earth

In the Andes Mountains of Chile there are more than 1300 volcanoes. But that’s not all. Many are still active and considered the largest in the world. Three that are historically active and most frequently watched are Villarrica, Cerro Hudson, and Cerro Arul. Often referred to as stratovolcanoes, each of them is a composite volcano. Hiking along these volcanoes are some of the most daring climbers on earth, willing to test their skills to enjoy unparalleled sites.

  1. Yes, It’s True – There Are Penguins!

If you thought that the zoo or Antarctica would be the only places to go to see penguins, here’s a surprise. The Seno Otway Penguin Colony, and other various southern Chile locations, are perfect for watching penguins commute to nearby nests and lounging along the beach. Throughout the country, 12,000 breeding pairs of Humboldt Penguins populate Chile’s northern coast.

  1. World-Class Destination for Wine

Surprising to some, Chile is the ninth largest producer and the fifth largest exporter of wine. This wine is some of the finest and best wine selections ever produced in Chile since 1554, when the first grapes were planted. In 14 different areas, there are 1200 km of viticulture valleys. Every year, 10 million hectoliters plus of wine are produced. Be sure not to miss wine country in Chile.

  1. The Driest Place on Earth

With a landscape of surreal beauty, the driest place in the world, Chili’s Atacama Desert, sits at 7500 feet. Not only the driest, but the oldest desert on earth, it has regions that have literally never seen a raindrop. Spread out over 363,000 km², it runs through a strip between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes Mountains measuring some 1000 km.

  1. The Wettest Place on Earth – Well Not Exactly

But it is the world’s largest swimming pool! With 66 million crystal clear gallons of seawater, a maximum depth of 115 feet, covering an area of 20 acres, this 1000-yard long swimming pool has been recorded as the world’s largest by The Guinness Book Of World Records. It is one of the most impressive artificial paradises on the planet and is located in the Pacific coast’s Algarrobo City.

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