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Brazil is possibly one of the coolest nations in the world. Strangely enough, however, there are many unknowns when it comes to Brazil. The following will enlighten you somewhat on any number of things that you might want to know about before you visit the area.

Most Energetic and Gregarious Population Worldwide

In Brazil, there are no introverts. (Or at the very least, they’re hard to find.) Here you will have the time of your life; you will unwind and come out of your shell while you get wrapped up in the vivacious culture. The decibel count is also jacked up considerably. There are no restraints on volume and Brazilians tend to express themselves at full tilt. Not to be outdone, advertisements/soundtracks, TV pitchmen, and car horns all pitch in for an assault on your auditory senses like none other. And yet – it is somehow completely enjoyable.

Brush up on Your Spanish (or Portuguese)

This Spanish content has Portuguese speakers but very little English. They are more or less a universe onto themselves when it comes to linguistics. You will likely find a way to communicate, however, and the hospitality presented is unmistakable. Don’t be shy about bringing along a phrasebook of good quality.

Make a Juice Bar One of Your Stops

With all the exotic fruits populating this area, it comes as no surprise that the juice bars are unrivaled. Try the pitanga, camu-camu, or caju – all tropical fruits. If you are worried about locating one of these juice bars, don’t be. They are literally located on every other street. Not only a good digestive aid, on a hot day, there is nothing better than one of these super savory drinks.

Better Have a Love for the Outdoors

If you want to be outside, Brazil is the place to be with its beaches, waterfalls, jungles, backyard barbecues, and Rio sidewalk cafés – all on an epic scale. Play to your heart’s content in the world-class natural environment and enjoy the benefits of this tropical land and outdoor culture.

In all the world, one of the largest wetlands is located here. Spanning 70,000 square miles, southern Brazil’s Pantanal is home of the southern American jaguar, 300 different mammals, and 1000 species of birds.

If You Like to Party, You’ve Come to the Right Place

The party atmosphere here is without competition. The “New Year’s Revellion”, and “Carnival”, are two of the biggest bashes worldwide. That doesn’t mean, however, that throughout the year there are no more festivities. Quite the contrary. Religious holidays, art festivals, music festivals, and regional celebrations are in abundance.

Speaking of Music…

In Brazil, rhythm Is king. The various music styles and rhythms, and their sheer quantity, makes this country unrivaled when it comes to musical themes and improvisation. A slowed down samba, bossa nova, is well-known by even Americans (thanks, in part, to the famous song – Blame It on the Bossa Nova, by Edie Gorme).

Pucker Up!

As astonishing as it might be, don’t be surprised if your personal space is invaded on a regular basis. A kiss on the cheek is not an uncommon greeting, but actually quite customary. Just don’t kiss the piranha that swim in the Amazon River.

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