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Uruguay is filled with iconic wines, food and drink, a wealth of culture, has easy access, and is a prime location. After Suriname, it is South America’s second smallest country and approximately the size of Oklahoma. Bordered by much visited and celebrated Argentina, it is decidedly a diminutive nation. Possibly because of its lack of size, it is frequently, albeit, unfortunately, overlooked by many South American visitors.

Call Ripley’s Believe It Or Not

Uruguay’s surprisingly catchy but excruciatingly lengthy national anthem has no less than 11 verses. It is officially the world’s longest national anthem lasting for approximately six minutes.

The Holidays

In Uruguay, any of the holidays that might otherwise be considered traditional Catholic holidays have been renamed. The reason for this is because Uruguay has no official religion. As a couple of examples, Holy Week is referred to as Tourism Week, and Christmas is referred to as Family Day.

Let Them Drink Tea

While it’s not exactly tea, it is made from leaves. Dried yerba mate leaves to be exact. And it is one of Uruguay’s most popular beverages. There is a legend that after the saving of two goddesses from a fate worse than death, the gods presented these “tea” leaves as a gift to humanity.

Argentina versus Uruguay

This rivalry has seemingly been going on for decades. In the 1960s, the rivalry was exacerbated somewhat when Uruguay invaded Argentina with its first flush of Uruguayan rock bands. Los Mockers and Los Shakers, two English-speaking bands, lead the way for the invasion. These bands were loosely modeled after the Rolling Stones and the Beatles. Before and since then, competition and rivalry between the two countries has only escalated.

The Fifa World Cup

Way back in 1930, Uruguay held the first ever Fifa World Cup. They won. Only adding fuel to the fire between Uruguay and Argentina, for those who remember or have been told about the event, the win was against that very country with a score of Uruguay 4 – Argentina 2. The referee was Belgian and, due to death threats and fearing for his very life, hopped a nearby boat awaiting his arrival for an expedited getaway.

Over 250 Years Of Wine Making

Uruguay is no slouch when it comes to wine making. It has, in fact, a viticulture history dating back more than 250 years. Some 20,000 acres of countryside are dedicated to winemaking in this country, South America’s fourth largest producer of wine. Soft, elegant, and blackberry tinged, Uruguay’s national grape is responsible for a wine that is full-bodied and filled with tannins.


Here we go again with the battle between Uruguay and Argentina. Though Argentina professes itself to be the ‘Mother of Tango’, proudly touting the title, in reality, Uruguay shares the honor. Originally, the working-class city dwellers created this dance. It was then and is now, danced literally everywhere filling the streets and market places with the sound of stomping feet.

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