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Senegal in West Africa, located on the fringes of the Atlantic, provides a magnificent setting and tourist attractions (some with special rates) for the adventurous traveler. They take their hospitality very seriously and, in fact, have their very own word for it: ‘Taranga’. Here are a few things that you might want to know about Senegal before you visit.

Dance the Night Away

‘Sabar’ is one of the most unique African dance styles. Flirtatiousness and feminine sensuality are both incorporated into this dance which takes place to beat of a Sabar drum. From your legs up to your eyes and arms, every part of the body is used in this dance of expression. High knee lifting, arm swinging, and lots of hip twisting make this a dance that may well require supervision for those not up to the task!

Life’s a Beach – Even in Senegal

Some of South Africa’s most spectacular beaches are found here, particularly the beaches at Cap Skiring. Best of all, they are anything but crowded. A beach bum’s paradise with amazing music and great surf… What’s not to love? Bring your waterproof wallet for souvenirs.

No Heavy Military Presence

You will not get off the plane and immediately be taken aback by a strong military presence with machine-gun-armed soldiers walking to and fro. In fact, no military coup has ever been experienced in this West African country – which makes it singularly unique. Senegal has a reputation for being successfully democratic for decades.

Senegal Is Thinking and Living Green

It is hoped, and predicted, that by 2020, this region will have an impressive 20% of their energy needs met through renewable energy. This includes biofuels, wind, and solar. The Senegal and Gambia Rivers will provide a large portion of hydropower, and the same region will likely be counted on for wind power. The entire country is capable of being the resource for solar energy.

The Port of Dakar

When it comes to import goods transit, 70% of Mali’s go through this port. Often referred to as Gateway to West Africa, this port is one of Africa’s most vital. It can be accessed round-the-clock thanks to its wide access channel and deep draft. Nearly 10,000,000 tons of goods came through this port in 2012.

Musee Theodore Monod

Likely the best museum in Senegal, over 9000 objects, including those depicting the culture and art found in Africa, are on display. The perfect mix of styles, traditional dress, masks, etc. combined with agricultural tools, musical instruments, drawings, carvings, and beautiful fabrics make the experience one to remember. Contemporary art exhibitions are often housed in a gallery behind the main building.

Le Lagon I

A must-stop if you’re in the mood for seafood. Pastas, char grilled fish, sea urchins, oysters, and more are just a sampling of the culinary treasures found at Dakar’s top seafood spot. Finishing touches include a vintage diving suit, brass sailing instruments, hanging swordfish, classy dining room, breezy waterside deck, and a small private beach conveniently located next to the restaurant, perfect for an after-dinner stroll.

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