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There are people in this world who love to travel. You certainly can’t blame them. There are more magnificently majestic places on the face of this earth to visit than one could imagine. One of those places is Mexico. If you’re planning a trip to Mexico, here are a handful of things that you might like to know ahead of time. After all, a case of culture shock is not something you need to deal with while you’re traveling!

Pesos and Dollars

If you’re not aware of how pesos and dollars relate, or that the same symbol is used for both of them, you may find yourself being astonished at a $30 price tag on a bus ticket or a $50 price tag on a sandwich. The bus and the sandwich may be great, but certainly not that good! Yes, the peso symbol is the exact same symbol used for the American dollar. The exchange rate will likely vary, particularly during these volatile times, and it’s best to check out exchange rates before you travel. Additionally, there is a lot of bartering going on so be advised.

What about That Old Advice – Don’t Drink the Water?

Drinking the water or eating the ice in Mexico has routinely been referred to as a no-no. While you may well want to stay away from the water, ice in restaurants and bars is usually made from purified water. Typically, ice that is purified and processed has a hole in the middle and is in the shape of a cylinder. When in doubt, just ask.

Margaritas Are Wonderful But…

Margaritas are great. That said, however, there are many drinks in Mexico worth mentioning… And drinking. Don’t cut yourself short by ignoring the other tequila drinks, among other things. There are a smattering of Mexican beers that are also worthy of taste testing.

Take the Bus

It is so very easy to use public transportation to take day trips from the capital to some of the old towns and cities in around Mexico City that it would be a shame to attempt the drive. Save the driving for sites like the city of Cuernavaca, the church at Cholula, or the pyramids of Teotihuacan.

Be Sure to Go for a Sunday Walk

On Sundays, hang out at the historic promenade. Getting there is half the fun because joggers, bikers, and walkers have the road all to themselves. On Sundays, vehicular traffic is closed down on Reforma, one of the main streets in Mexico City. This city is home to amazing music, public art, and stunning monuments. Some of the best examples of Mexico City culture are found right in Reforma.

Enjoy a Late Lunch

You might be used to having your lunch around noon, but in Mexico City, lunch is typically served around 3 PM. And 8 PM to 9 PM is dinner time! Pack snacks if you think you might be getting hungry at odd times of the day – at least by Mexico standards.

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