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You’ve undoubtedly heard the horror stories that some people love to tell those planning a trip to some far-off land. Honduras is no exception. Particularly those who know nothing about that of which they speak somehow delight in scaring you into thinking that danger awaits you at every turn when you visit Honduras or any other foreign country. And, whereas, it is smart to step into a foreign land with eyes wide open, there is no sense in visiting a place that scares the bejeezus out of you.

Let’s take a closer look at Honduras and see what it’s all about.

Stick To What’s Safe

Anywhere you go, there are going to be areas to avoid. Even the seemingly safest little American Midwest city has spots that are deemed less than desirable. Talk to someone truly in-the-know before you plan your trip.

You may wish to avoid San Pedro Sula and as little time in La Ceiba as possible. Spending time in the countryside of Honduras is not only safer than the bigger cities, it is far more pleasing to the eye.

You Should Brush Up On Your Spanish

Because that’s what is mostly spoken in Honduras. Some English is spoken, but in general, you may want to bring your English To Spanish Dictionary if your Spanish is severely lacking. The people are, in general, quite friendly and helpful, but it doesn’t hurt to know the native language if at all possible.

You Can Walk On The Wild Side

This applies to the wildlife found in the forests and jungles – not the wild streets of the big cities! Colorful toucan, parrots, and regal jaguars and pumas need be the only dangerous creatures you encounter. Long-legged crested lizards, basilisks, 100 varieties of snakes and other various reptiles might seem creepy to some, but they are a far safer bet that the individuals hiding around certain street corners.

The World’s Best For Divers

Scuba divers and snorkelers rejoice! Honduras’ crystal clear waters and barrier reefs provide the ideal atmosphere for the avid or beginning diver.

Central America’s Most Scenic Towns

In the entire Central American region, the most mountainous country is Honduras. Carved right into the side of the mountain, you will discover many quaint little villages. Few tourists go here so your trip will be pristine and pure. Best villages to see: Amapala, Gracias, Valle de Angeles, and Santa Lucia.

The Country Is Relatively Poor

Please have respect for the Honduran people who are frequently forced to live under some pretty questionable circumstances. Many live in poverty and, whereas, this makes it an extremely inexpensive travel destination, it can be shocking to some.

Perfect For History Buffs

The Honduran culture is full of history. The Mayan ruins alone are worth the trip. Go exploring or book a tour, but be sure to take in this rich slice of ancient culture. You will find a still thriving Mayan culture in Copan where you can enjoy the food and brightly colored native attire.

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