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When you travel to a foreign country, you always want to know a little something about the land you are going to visit. That said, taking all the mystery and suspense out of a trip like that would be a shame. The following should give you just enough information about Costa Rica that you may not already know – but hopefully, will still leave you enough unknown to make things interesting.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure that money isn’t going to be a problem. One common misconception for those traveling in Costa Rica is the assumption that everything is cheap. This is not necessarily the case. Take as much money as you need, but don’t be afraid to call home (the United States) if you find yourself needing more money in Costa Rica. That’s what friends are for, after all.

Bring Your Flying Insect Repellent

Those nasty mosquitoes carry all sorts of diseases. That does not, however, mean that you should skip Costa Rica as a vacation destination. With all of the mosquito repellents available on the market today, there is likely one that will do the trick for you.

The Saying of the Day

More than a saying, there is a phrase that is actually a way of life in Costa Rica. The words mean ‘pure life’, and the expression is ‘Pura Vida’. And whereas, it can be used to inquire “How are you?” and as a response such as “I’m good.”, it also has an interpretation of a much deeper (if not all inclusive) origin. It signifies, among other things, the positivity of the art of living, affection, welfare, freedom, exuberance, simplicity, and general good living.

A Natural Ecological Environment

An extremely biodiverse country, Costa Rica is home to a wide array of mammals. This mountainous system involves diverse, assorted microclimates that support monkeys, sloths, and other creatures who are right at home in this natural environment. If you are seeking beauty, you need seek no further.

Concentration on Preservation of Nature

Because there is so much natural beauty here, this country concentrates most intensely on its preservation. Costa Rica has made a distinct effort to raise its forest coverture and keep its nature intact.

A True Story of Success

After a civil war in 1948, a solid democracy was established. It now enjoys a low absenteeism rate by its elected government officials. A better lifestyle is offered by the national budget and civil rights have been strengthened through the years.

The Treatment of Travelers

Tourism has developed considerably in Costa Rica and is now a viable industry. This is a friendly country that makes visitors and tourists feel welcome and comfortable. Most of Costa Rica’s tourists are citizens of the United States. Therefore, not only do they except United States dollars, they prefer them.

Do Drink the Water

Tap water is generally safe to drink in Costa Rica. If you have any doubt about the restaurant or hotel in which you are planning to partake in a glass of water, simply ask the staff or tour guide. To be on the safe side, it wouldn’t hurt to bring a filtering cup or container.

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