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For many of us, living abroad means finally getting to fulfill our dreams. It brings an incredible sense of adventure and a host of new, amazing experiences. Unfortunately though, it’s also an experience that can be very tough and challenging at times, especially if you have relocated there alone.

The good news though is that the world is getting increasingly smaller. It can still be a challenge to live alone in another country but at least technology makes it easier than it used to be. With the following apps, you’ll find that it’s much easier to stay in touch, to share photos, and even to deal with practical challenges such as financing your stay.


Vonage is one of many apps that enable you to make calls abroad over a WiFi connection. The voice quality isn’t quite up there with regular calls but it’s pretty good for what it is. While more and more carriers are now offering free and/or cheap international calls, this is still a very powerful tool for many!


But when you actually want to see your family, nothing beats Skype. If you have a niece back home or if you want your family to see your new tan, Skype is the best option you can go for. In fact, Skype is about the closest you can come to being in the same room.


Ourcam is an app that enables you to take photos and share them instantly with a group. Here, the ‘snap’ button is synonymous with the ‘share’ button and everyone in the private group you’ve selected prior will see what you’re taking pictures of. This is a little like having a live-feed to your family’s eyes. They can include you in their family days out and you’ll be able to see and comment on every picture as it comes through.


Whatsapp is a free chat app that can keep the buzz up in your social circle. What’s more, it lets you send pictures and voice notes as well as creating group chats and more. You can easily use it to chat with your family back home, whether they are in the Philippines or Brazil.

Words With Friends

Sometimes, it’s nice to not just talk to your friends abroad but interact with them through games. Words With Friends is one of many turn-based games that you can play with people even when they’re in another country and the turn-based nature means you don’t have to agree a time to meet up!

World Clock and Widget

World Clock and Widget gives you easy access to the time in various different countries and regions so that you can avoid calling your family at 4am in the morning! What’s more, it allows you to put widgets on your Android device so you can check their time just as easily as your own time straight from the home screen.


Although Sharemoney is not an app for mobile devices yet, it is a really helpful web app for people with family living abroad. Sharemoney is designed for travelers and migrant workers to use for sending money abroad. It’s incredibly quick and intuitive to use. This website also makes it easy to send money with competitive exchange rates and very low transfer fees to countries including the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Vietnam, Brazil and the Philippines. Whether you want to send money back for your family or you need a little credit for surviving on your travels, this tool can be a true life-saver.

Do you know an app that can be great for people with family living abroad? Let us know!

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