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While Chile might not be on your travel radar for the most eclectic festivals to attend, what many travelers do not know is that Chile celebrates many amazing festivals throughout the entire year. If you are ready to experience a festive time that is not duplicated elsewhere, why not make Chile your next travel destination today? You’ll find your trip to be worthwhile, and here’s what you can expect:

Fiestas Patrias

One of the biggest celebrations in Chile is its National Holidays which commemorate the country’s independence on 18 September in 1810. The entire country will come together to partake in air shows, parades, and family barbeques. Very similar to what we do for July 4! However, the Chilean people go all out in their independence day celebrations as the festival stretches over a week with exciting activities such as greased pole climbing competitions, horse races, indigenous food feasts, and more.

Vina del Mar Music Festival

If you are a music lover, then you would have heard about this mega scale music festival that features prominent international artists. It is held in Vina del Mar, which is an upscale resort town just a couple of hours away from Santiago. The event is broadcasted across the nation and is often touted as the biggest of its kind around the world.

Santiago a Mil

Arguably the biggest largest arts festival celebrated in Chile, Santiago a Mil is a melting pot of the culture and the arts that is served to the public across three weeks where both the locals and the visitors will be treated to street performances and indoor theater performances. This annual event was first launched in 1994, and had captured audience numbers over half a million in recent years. If you love arts and culture, this event is a must-see.

Fiesta Tapati

This is a unique festival that celebrates body painting (Takona) and is held on Easter Island. The festival goers will paint their bodies with natural pigments, creating symbols on their bodies that depict certain mythic elements. Other festive activities include the Haka Pei competition where young men show their courage as well as the canoeing competitions where the “canoes” are made from Totora reeds.

Fiesta de la Tirana

Held in La Tirana, which is a small town near the city of Iquique, this 7-day event celebrates and honor the patron saint of Chile, the Virgen del Carmen. Fiesta de la Tirana is one of the most popular cultural festivals in Chile, and you can see traditionally clothed dancers performing the “Dance of the Devil” while the pilgrims pray at the Virgen del Carmen’s Sanctuary for blessings. There are plenty of food stalls and handicraft stalls at this festival so even if you are not involved in the religious side of the festival, you can also occupy yourself with some market shopping while the processions are going on.

Have you attended any of these festivals in Chile before? Do share with us!

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