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Whether you are a college student studying abroad, an adult vacationing or traveling for business, or family just trying to get away from it all, it’s important to keep in touch with those you love back home. Everywhere you look these days, people have their faces buried in their phones. Whereas we certainly don’t recommend that, especially because you’ll be missing the sights all around you, we do understand that messaging is not only a part of what is currently hip and trendy but a necessary part of life. You never know when you might have to send home for money or just to convey a big kiss and hug. Messaging apps will make that easier. What are some of the best ways to keep in touch with family and friends back home?


Currently used by everyone from celebrities to the younger generation, Snapchat has seen a definite rise in popularity. The videos and photos that you share with friends and loved ones exist only briefly before self-destructing. That message is referred to as a ‘snap’. The app features not only photo editing but the famous feature adaptable to your videos called ‘funny filters’. If you want to communicate in bite-sized form, this is a fun and enjoyable way to do so.


When comes to security and chat encryption, this highly recommended app from Open Whisper System offers military grade encryption for your voice calls and all of your messages. Specifically for individuals that are concerned with, above all else, security, this app has received a big thumbs up from people that deal with intelligence and scrutiny every day. What’s more, it supports sending media attachments, group messages, voice calls, and sending texts.


IM+ is a good go-to messaging app for people having multiple accounts on more than one service. No matter which service you use – Live, Facebook, Yahoo, ICQ, Twitter, AIM, or Google – you can receive and send instant messages with no trouble whatsoever. Now you can chat through just one singular app. Simplify your life today and stop relying on old, outdated messaging apps.


With common features like voice calls, video sharing, and photo sharing but with added features like “Shake”, “People Nearby”, and “Friend Radar” you can make it easier for your friends to figure where you are and catch up or keep up.

Google Allo

One of Google’s newest chat apps, it offers the usual stickers, emojis, photo sharing, etc. but a feature known as “assistant” is the main attraction here. Conversations can be had through this new feature which functions similarly to Cortana or Siri.

Whether you bought too many souvenirs, paid far more than you thought you would at some of the more popular restaurants, or enjoyed a few too many amazing sights, sometimes traveling leaves you a little short on funds. When that happens, a quick message to loved ones back home could mean the difference between you going home early or relishing the rest of your stay. Or possibly you’ve decided to stay even longer. Regardless, if you need money while traveling, it’s fast and easy for someone to send you the funds you need. Just have them go to Sharemoney and pick the country you’re in – and in no time, you’ll be ready to savor the rest of your stay in style!

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