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The Philippines is known for its breathtaking tourist spots and its delicious food. Additionally, the country has become popular for festivities (‘fiestas’) across the different islands. Every month, there is always a festival happening somewhere in the country, each promising great activities that will make the celebration even grander. If you decide to visit the Philippines during August, here are 5 famous Philippine fiestas you should check out.


Sal’lupongan Festival

Held in one of Davao’s most prominent provinces, Compostela Valley, from August 1 to 10 every year, this festivity is a form of celebrating a gathering (from the word Sal’lu which means salo-salo) in commemoration of the solidarity (pongan or kahugpongan) of ethnic groups in the province. Also known as sharing among people, Sal’lupongan is an occasion where ethnic groups are gathered together to thank God for the fruitful harvest.

Kadayawan Festival

Who will ever miss one of the most famous festivals not only in Davao but in the whole country? Yes, Kadayawan is one of the most celebrated fiestas in the Philippines and its popularity makes the streets of Davao del Sur crowded during the event. Celebrated every third week of August, the festivity is a way of thanking God for the gift of nature and is also the people’s way of celebrating life.

It also depicts Davao’s culture through floral floats, street dancing, and trade fairs where the products of the land are exhibited. ‘Hiyas sa Kadayawan’ is one of the highlights of this festivity. This is a celebration of pageantry where the most beautiful and handsome Davaoeñas showcase fashion in the place. Dance competitions, indigenous music exhibition and a river festival are also celebrated during this time.

Palo-Palo Festival

Going far North in Batanes, you can witness the place’s remarkable presentation of its culture, highlighting the story of its ethnic group, the Ivatans. Palo-Palo Festival is actually a symbolism of what the Ivatans used during their fight against Spaniards and the Dutch. These armories were known as sticks and arnis, which in layman’s term is known as palu-palo. This Philippine Fiesta is celebrated during August 4 to 5 every year.

Santones Festival

Celebrated every August 12 to 16 in Liliw, Laguna, a province about 2 hours from Manila, this five-day festivity features the crops with which the place is known for. Santones was coined from santol and lanzones, two of the most popular fruits raised in the locality. Trade events and street parades are expected as part of this event where the residents of Liliw thank God for its bountiful santol and lanzones harvest.

Tsinelas Festival

The City of Gapan in Nueva Ecija prides itself of a one-of-a-kind festivity through Tsinelas Festival. Tsinelas, meaning slippers in English, is the highlight of the fiesta. During this occasion, held every August 25 in the locale, expect merrymaking along the streets of Gapan with floats made from gigantic 7-foot slippers. Also expected during this event are the different schools and barangays showcasing their talents through a street dance. The festival is celebrated as part of Gapan’s clamor for it to be recognized as the North Slippers Capital in the country.


Festivals are often great times of celebration and appreciation for the Filipinos. Many overseas Filipinos will send money back home to help their family members celebrate the festivities. Have you been doing the same as well?

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