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Tech hubs and vacations may seem mutually exclusive, but in reality, the line between the two is often blurred. Here is a list of five growing tech hubs that also offer stunning views and rich cultural life guaranteed to satisfy the avid traveller.

Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv is often called the “Silicon Valley of Israel” and is famous for being the party capital of Israel. Home to 61 companies in NASDAQ, this lively city has the highest density of startups in the world. Still, its reputation for a thriving nightlife scene and awesome parties precedes it, and the beautiful beaches that are easily accessible from the city itself do little to contradict that reputation.

Nicosia, Cyprus

Nicosia shows promise in spite of the recent financial crisis that has beset Cyprus. The country’s relaxed tax system and high per capita income make it a great environment for investors, and the relatively low cost of setting up a business in Nicosia make it a prime location for startups and entrepreneurs.
A veritable Mediterranean paradise, Nicosia also has a lot to offer tourists. In contrast to the glitz and glamour of Tel Aviv, Nicosia has more of a small-town charm with its picturesque Old City and quaint churches.

Dublin, Ireland

Some of the largest IT companies in the world have chosen to establish their European bases in Dublin, Ireland. Compared to neighboring England, Ireland boasts lower tax rates and significantly lower living costs. The city regularly plays host to a number of tech conferences, drawing a huge pool of talent from all over the world.
Many companies have cited the rich human capital that Dublin offers as a reason for making the move there. For the tourist, Dublin is a charming city full of pubs and hearty Irish hospitality. History and culture buffs will also love the wealth of preserved buildings in the city center.

Pune, India

As a university city, Pune is home to some of India’s brightest young minds. The generally young demographic and Wi-Fi coffee shop culture of the city makes it one of the best places in India to introduce new technology or even set up a new IT company. The open-minded, laidback vibe of the city is also very attractive to many foreign entrepreneurs. As a tourist spot, Pune has no lack of attractions. Lush parks and temples dot the city, and both hills and beaches are easily accessible as well.

Raleigh, North Carolina

Raleigh, like Pune, is also a university city. Home to North Carolina’s largest university and several other educational institutions, Raleigh clearly has a diverse pool of talent for tech companies to draw on. Its proximity to a number of prominent research institutions and Fortune 100 companies also make it extremely attractive to tech companies looking to set up a new base.

The casual tourist will enjoy Raleigh’s wide variety of bars, restaurants and museums. For those who prefer more scenic destinations, Raleigh is surrounded by mountains, forests and just swathes of beautiful countryside in general.
Do you live in a city that is going to be the next top tech hub that promises plenty of vacation bliss? Let us know!

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