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Today, more than ever before, it is easy to send money to another country. With a PC or a smart phone, you can make a few clicks on the screen and friends and family in a foreign country will receive the funds in no time. But if you send money through the wrong service, you can get more trouble than you ever bargained for. Here are some mistakes to avoid the next time you need to send money to Nigeria.

Make Sure You Have Your Facts Correct

Surely, you know your recipient; but do you know all the details necessary in order to send money? Entering the wrong details can be disastrous. And if you think you can get your money back once this mistake has been made, think again. It’s not easy. Check and recheck addresses, bank accounts, the spelling of names, etc.

Think Twice about Using a Credit Card

When transferring money to Nigeria, think twice before you whip out your credit card. Using a credit card may confuse the issuer of your card. They may mistake the transaction for cash in advance rather than a cash transfer. There may also be a question of the payment of extra taxes. General transfer fees will already have to be paid, don’t add extra taxes if you don’t have to.

Use the Best Service Possible

Asking around about money transfer services might introduce you to a reliable service, but it may not. With today’s Internet you can find out information about any company or service. Check out some reviews and do your research before you settle on a money transfer service.

Educate Yourself Regarding Exchange Rates

Again, this is easily found on the Internet. Simply Google “exchange rates” and you can find a table/chart that will allow you to research the current exchange rate for any country’s money to any other country’s money. Although, through the right service, you will be able to rest assured that they will be giving you the best exchange rate possible. Shop around for the best rate while you’re shopping for a money transfer service.

Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute

Waiting until last minute means that you might be in a panic. Panic means carelessness. The above suggestions have shown you how to plan ahead, so do yourself a favor and do so. Last-minute transfers can also equate to spending more money than you need to. Leave yourself plenty of time to do all of your research and arrange your transfer.

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