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Where will you go in 2016? Although it is a little early to start planning for your travels next year, it is always in your advantage to start considering your selected destination from a list of potential cities or countries. When you start planning early, you will enjoy perks such as lower hotel booking rates, cheaper air flight prices and more.

In this post, we will highlight 5 really cool destinations you should consider for 2016. Our recommendations are based on major events held in a certain location in 2016 as well as recent travel trends that are starting from this year which will lead into 2016. Ready to explore the world? Here we go!

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Being the host city for the Olympic Games which is an event held every 4 years, you can expect lots of travelers heading to this colorful city during August 2016 since almost the entire month will be decorated with lots of sports, competition and camaraderie. The Olympics 2016 will put 28 sports on the world stage and feature 406 events. In fact, even with this much anticipated event, Rio de Janeiro is a great travel destination by itself. This city also has one area named as a World Heritage Site and if that doesn’t interest you, there’s also an alluring concoction of Balneario beaches, carnival celebrations, Samba and Bossa Nova.


Famed for its wines and cheese, France receives more than 80 million visitors each year. If you are a romantic, there’s no better country than France to seek love, hope and freedom from! For 2016, why not explore exotic places such as the island of Corsica, go for winter sports in the Alps and the Pyrenees, and get yourselves all soaked at the beautiful beaches on the French Riviera? Just on statistical estimates for Chinese tourists alone, France is expected to court more than 1.63 million of Chinese visitors in 2016, up from just under 1 million in 2014.

Snowdownia, Wales

It’s a pity that most of the visitors to the UK often left out Wales as a region of interest for their touring. In Wales, you can find the stunning Snowdownia National Park where a hike through the wilderness can be as exciting as winning 1 million dollars from the lottery. For those who prefer a more laidback approach to exploring the Snowdon Mountain, go on a railway ride up to the summit and be equally fascinated. Besides, in Wales, there are more than 150 beautifully preserved castles for all history buffs to explore!


If you perceive travel trips as journeys for change, and you love exploring countries such as Cambodia and Columbia, then Iran should definitely be a top travel destination for you in 2016. Although politically challenged, this country is certainly culturally rewarding. Explore the ancient ruins of Persepolis, tour the great city of Tabriz, or shop for oriental rugs on the Iranian streets!

Pattaya, Thailand

Long perceived as a jewel in Thailand for expat travelers, Pattaya has first seen a decline in tourists due to the political affairs of the country but is certainly on a path to an ascend based on the travel statistics in 2015. The cheap prices, the warm Thai people, the spicy Thai food, and lots of family friendly activities in and around Pattaya can make any traveler really happy. For those who are into the adult scene, this city also has something for you within its Walking Street. The good thing about this travel destination is that all the attractions are not spread out over a large area so if you are looking for a quick 3-day travel trip, Pattaya will meet and even exceed all your expectations!

Have you planned your travel itinerary for 2016 and where will you go? Let us know!

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